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Published : আগস্ট ৪, ২০১৬ | 778 Views

Online Payment Gateway

 Credit cards are one of the most widely used online payment methods that allow sellers to accept both local and international payments. Walletmix provides payment gateway integration services for ecommerce websites and online businesses. It offers widest range of payment methods making it easy to get paid online. Walletmix enables all types of merchants to accept secure and reliable credit card quickly and easily. It facilitates different merchants to accept payments on the internet in Bangladeshi Tk. Customers can purchase items by visiting merchant websites that are connected to Walletmix and pay using different debit and credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus, BRAC Bank cards etc. Walletmix is a secure, multi-language, electronic wallet which can be used to do online payments where the merchant receives his payments in real time. Walletmix Payment Gateway has an API.  Online businesses can send customer payments for processing to the Walletmix Payment Gateway and receive a response in XML.

Any business that does not provide online payment solutions is missing out on a huge chunk of business revenue not to mention potential customer base. Walletmix payment gateway allows you to merchandise your products or services online and automatically process credit cards, debit cards or other forms of payment. Walletmix payment gateway service includes security measures that verify each credit card number and intercept potential criminal attempts before a transaction takes place. It has everything from merchant accounts to customized web stores. Walletmix payment gateway is ideal for customers with online wallets. It provides a handful of credit card processing solutions ideal for web and traditional business models.

Payment Method & Partners

Walletmix accepts, verifies, and processes a verity of transaction instruments on behalf of the online businesses. Walletmix connects online store’s shopping cart with a number of payment modules at payment processor and/or bankend via a secure payment pages, forms, or payment APIs.Walletmix also have the ability to respond back with the payment status to the online store over appropriate and secured interfaces.
 Walletmix payment gateway authorizes and transmits credit card numbers securely and reliably without charging usurious discount rates or transaction fees.

Walletmix payment gateway has virtual terminal for processing credit cards over the internet as compared to a physical POS card swiper. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ,CCV ,AVS ,PCI DSS Compliant .

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Walletmix payment gateway will give your business an edge over other competitors making your business steadfast, effectual and cost-effective. A payment gateway provided by Walletmix is safe from any security infringements, hacking or system breach. With the power of Walletmix payment gateway your business can now expand faster and better than ever. Processing debit and credit cards has now become simple which can help your customers all over the world. Say goodbye to payment problems, give adieu to old systems; Walletmix is here.

Published : আগস্ট ৪, ২০১৬ | 778 Views

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