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Scope of Work

Walletmix believes there is much scope of development and growth in the ecommerce sector of Bangladesh. Since the launch of private Internet Service Providers in Bangladesh in 1996, the infrastructural development in the sector of telecommunication has helped spread the Internet network around the country.

Hundreds of organizations in Bangladesh have gone online in the past five years, having realized the importance of the Internet for the exchange and distribution of information. Right now more than 6.5 million people are using Internet in the country with the help of around 200 registered ISPs and dial-up services and the cost of using Internet is low.

The increasing number of user of Internet creates more opportunity of e-commerce in the recent years. At present, there are about 75 lac bank cardholders in Bangladesh and the number is growing fast thanks to the rapid development of internet and mobile banking.


Around 100 million people use mobile services and 15 or 20 percent people take mobile banking services. According to data of Bangladesh Bank, about 1 million mobile users take the mobile banking services and roughly over 100 core transaction is made through the mobile banking every month. We have more than 2500 e-commerce website and 1000000 digital buyer overall and 50% of them are form Asia Market. Bangladeshis’ Internet user base is expected to grow to between 8 million and 10 million in the next 3-5 years, driven by growing adoption of fixed broadband and the launch of 3G service. Consumers in Bangladesh have adopted innovative approaches to payment, such as net banking, mobile banking, and cash- or card-on-delivery.

The National Payment Switch is on its way to installation soon. Leading logistics companies have recognized the growth in the e-commerce sector and are investing in their network to better address the opportunity. Some e-commerce companies are also building their own logistics.

The average turnaround time for e-commerce deliveries has declined from 7-6 days to 1-3 days in the last year or two. Based on the macro-level opportunity and expected maturity in the ecosystem, we expect the e-commerce market in Bangladesh to grow in a level to contribute the national economy in a large scale in the next 3-5 years. With all the statistics speaking for the thriving of e commerce it is irrefutable that ecommerce sector has a booming future in Bangladesh. But still there exists many constraints in implementing e-commerce in Bangladesh which needs to be focused on.


Walletmix intends to work on these areas to make the e-commerce sector comprehensive and fully-operational. Walletmix will pay special attention to e-Payment and transaction, e-Security, e-Commerce awareness and training, e-Commerce policy and guideline, delivery service, e-Services, Compliance and Fraud Management, International Trade, Rural e-Commerce, Entrepreneurship Development, Digital Marketing, Quality Improvement, Affiliate Marketing, e-Tourism & Travel, and Tele-medicine and e-Health. The several margin-related challenges will need to be addressed to achieve profitable growth and enhancement.

The local people will have to be made aware of the business opportunity as a whole including the payment gateway so that the market can grow more. The concept of online payment gateway has to be presented to people in a way that could make them realize the benefits of it. They should be able to see and take payment gateway as a resourceful and easy solution to their business.

This payment facility is made for the benefits of them and efforts should be made to make it more comprehensive to them. Walletmix would also like to work better negotiations with bank so that more affordable rates could be presented to entrepreneurs and online businesses. E-Commerce is on a steady path to progression in Bangladesh and Walletmix would like to bank on the vast scope of work there is to do in this direction.


Services provided by the organization

  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Online Payment Gateway Solutions
  • E-Commerce Web Apps Development
  • Software Development
  • Webhosting Services
  • SMS Communication System
  • Domain Registration
  • E mail and Online Marketing
  • ISP Software
  • School Management Software
  • ERP Solution
  • Short code (SMS) Services


The services are described in brief below:

Published : আগস্ট ২, ২০১৬ | 978 Views

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